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36 Rocky Point Rd, Kogarah, NSW

About Master Kwon's Martial Arts Academy

Master Kwon’s Martial Arts Academy is a member of the Sports Taekwondo Australia(STA), Korea Composite Martial Arts Federation, World Bul Moo Do Federation, The World X-Impact Federation and International Pro Taekwondo Oceania Association(IPTAO).

The Master Kwon’s unique Martial Art system is self defence in its most efficient and consistent form. Your own physical strength or prior abilities need not be the decisive factor in a threatening situation. Master Kwon’s Martial art system is one of the very few self defence system that prepare you for every phase of  a fight, using all available human body (feet, fists, palm, shoulder, elbow, and knee..) as a weapon.An Advanced Master Kwon’s Martial Arts Academy student will turn into an instant nightmare for any aggressor.!

The Benefits of Martial Arts

  • Improved Cardio, muscle tone & weight Control
  • Better Co-ordination, flexibility, agility,  balance
  • Increased respect for peers & elders
  • Develop mental strength & peace of mind
  • Heightened alertness, concentration & Focus
  • Greater Self-Confidence &  Self- discipline
  • Mind & Body relaxation through Meditation

*You will also meet lots of great new people and become a member of a committed group of training partners.

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